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Why Melanie is Running

Melanie is honored to have served our community as a member of the Okemos Board of Education since 2010.  She intended to retire her service to the Board of Education at the end of her term in December 2020.  However, her leadership, Board of Education experience and learnings can support the governance associated with the COVID-19 challenges and addressing the outstanding equity work.

She is committed to this community as we continue to deliver educational excellence in Okemos – TOGETHER...


Good Governance = Good Work

During her Board tenure, Melanie has experienced our educational community maintain our TOGETHER spirit while delivering excellence in education despite:

  • economic fluctuations that significantly impacted the general fund budget

  • re-configuration of schools

  • school closings

  • changes in district executive leadership

  • district strategic planning

  • envisioning/strategically planning our equity journey. 


Her experience and leadership will continue to support GOOD GOVERNANCE as our community addresses the challenges of delivering educational excellence given the COVID-19 pandemic, and as we continue our equity journey to educational justice.

Why Melanie Is Running: Causes
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